The main areas of research conducted at UR institute are several fields of life sciences such as;

all areas of biology & medicine and also research in cutting edge fields of science such as bioelectronics & nanotechnology.



UR Institute provides an environment for citizens to freely develop their innovation.



UR Institute supports freedom of knowledge exchange. We organize lectures, workshops and scientific exhibitions open to the public and on our website, you can find free educational materials , such as various tutorials & papers.


Calendar of public events & activities






education and research program, in the field of life sciences and interdisciplinary science,
made in cooperation with
Radiona  (Association for the development of do-it-yourself culture РMakerspace).

By experimenting, using DIY, DIWO and biohacking methods and by following biotweaking philosophy,
participants gain practical knowledge in various fields of life sciences,
which they can develop, apply and use by themselves.

The program deals with a wide range of applications of science;
from classical agriculture and biology up to modern biotechnology, nanotechnology and medicine.

The goal of the program is to bring cutting-edge science to citizens and provide them with useful knowledge,
which they can use in everyday life, and with the help of which they can create innovation.

The program consists of two main components;

Weekly gatherings on membership basis, at Makerspace lab,
where members of the Makerspace and UR Institute regularly gather and learn continually by research & experimentation,

and occasional educational workshops on specific topic in Makerspace and UR Institute facilities,
on the field and in collaboration with partners.

All activities are open to the public.