**** SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT ****earth-hands

Trough all activities, UR Institute seeks one main goal – directly support social development of sustainable local & global community.

Our motto is “Enhancing life”.

Using bottom-up approach;  transfer of knowledge,  biodiversity protection, incubation of development of socially useful innovations, generation of new knowledge in science & art, psycho-educational support of gifted youth   UR Institute seeks to incubate social development and generation of contemporary postmodern culture.



**** RESEARCH ****

UR Institute is specialised for applied scientific and science related research.zora
The main areas of research conducted at UR institute are emerging sciences, life sciences & science related art.
Our interdisciplinary research team conducts huge variety of research project.

Main research focus areas include:

– Bioelectronics, Biomechatronics & Biorobotics
– Experimental electronics, mechatronics & computer engineering (including bio-inspired computing & artificial consciousness design)
– Ecological engineering
– Biotechnology (white, red, green, blue, gray, brown)
– Biodiversity protection & conservation (including environmental monitoring, climate change prevention & Biobanking)
– New media science related art (BioArt, Installation Art, Digital Art)
– Sustainable urban development
– Sustainable civil development



**** INNOVATION ****

UR Institute incubates development of socially
useful innovations & provides stimulating environment for citizens to freely develop their innovation.

Examples of incubated developed innovations include projects:

SRCE – innovative methodology for human replacement organs cultivation in-vitro
MeBUMZ – innovative biomechatronic audio technology
E.R.O.S. (Environmental Research & Observation Station) – an innovative autonomous probe for environmental research
Moment of Death (chamber) – an innovative sensory experience system for use in new media art
Adria Perl – an innovative autonomous probe for underwater environmental research
ZORA (probe) – an innovative stratospheric biomechatronic probe for ecological engineering & astrobiology research



**** EDUCATION ****

UR Institute supports freedom of knowledge exchange. We organize lectures, workshops, intense educational programs,  scientific & science+art exhibitions open to the public.

Continuous – annual educational programs include:

Bioelectronic Academy  (2015.-  )
intense integrated educational program on integration of electronic & organic systems in modern interdisciplinary science (bioelectronics, biorobotics, biotechnology, biomedicine & energetics). 
Program is made of a series of interconnected weekend workshops of applied science (laboratory hands-on education).SUA 2016 naslovna-mini
It is designed for youth (high school & university students, 14 – 30 yo) with already developed interest for science.
The program is held once a year in Zagreb & Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Modern Prometheus (2016.-   ) link with details
intense integrated educational program on applied modern interdisciplinary science (experimental electronics, robotics, bioelectronics, biorobotics, biotechnology, astrophysics, energetics, biochemistry, ecological engineering etc.).
Program is made of a series of interconnected weekend workshops of applied science (laboratory hands-on education).
It is designed for children & youth (primary school & high school students, 13 – 19 yo).
Primary targeted audience are youth gifted for various fields of science. Program focuses on specialised contemporary pedagogical methodologies,  for incubation of gifted youth development.
The program is held once a year in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Science Underground Academy (2015.-  ) link with details
international summer school of applied postmodern science & art
An intense educational “boot camp” for art and/or science students & professionals in postmodern science & scientific techniques used in new media art. Through series of interconnected lectures & workshops  participants get insight into newest branches of science & insight into all forms of science related postmodern art. By getting their hands dirty, participants explore these worlds, trying themselves out in all domains.
At the end of the program, participants use gained knowledge to develop their own personal ideas/projects, under the mentorship of expert international mentors, which are exhibited in a closing exhibition open for public.
Academy has a strong ecological component (field lectures in exploring biodiversity of Dubrovnik county & collecting non-degradable waste to be used as a recycled materials for personal projects development).
The goal of the academy is to boost development of postmodern science & art and to incubate interdisciplinary collaboration & international (science+art) networking.


Calendar of public events & activities



**** SERVICES ****

For self financing of its non-profit activities, UR Institute offers various services.

Our team offers:

  • Expert interdisciplinary “Think tank” services
  • Services of external project evaluation & monitoring (projects related to science, art, culture, civil society, business, organization & urban development)
  • Consultancy services on:
    – Research & technical development projects (in the fields of emerging technologies, all branches of biotechnology, mechatronics, electronics, bioelectronics, robotics, biorobotics, ecology & urban planning)
    – RTD Project planning
    – Project proposal development for public funding (EU, national & local funding)