18. April  – July 2015.   –  Bioelectronics Academy
We are happy to announce the beginning of our Bioelectronics Academy – a standardized one-semester program of extracurricular education for young people with special educational needs (gifted young) in the field of cutting-edge applied science.
The program consists of a series of related hybrid workshops / lectures with the aim of providing the necessary knowledge to participants as well as for the adoption of practical and applicable knowledge of modern science and productive experimentation with emerging technologies such as bioelectronics.
The purpose of the project is to encourage young people to develop their own creativity in the supportive and productive environment that standard educational system can not provide.
Unified series of workshops, will be held once a week during one-semester and cover a variety of contemporary themes and techniques from the fields of biology, electronics, biotechnology, nanotechnology, programming, robotics and encourage multidisciplinary thinking and creating such as practicing cutting-edge scientific field- bioelectronics.
More info on our Facebook page.




14. December 2014. –Internet of Things for Beginners
Join us and learn how to do DIY experimenting with making Smart home, how to control certain physical objects via Internet or mobile phone, how to select proper electronics, where to get it and how to connect with the physical objects via the Internet..
Controlling household appliances, heating, house plants and pets over the Internet are just a few examples of topics we will cover and which can show you how everyone can have the applicable benefit from experimenting with electronics and programming.
In addition, we will present several related innovations that where made and as well the ones we are currently developing inside URobotics division
Sunday 14. 12.,  5PM @ UR Institute
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11. December 2014. – Experimental Photochemistry
We are happy to announce the long-awaited evening of experimenting with photosensitive chemicals and materials 🙂
Dive with us into a world where quantum physics meets classical physics , subatomic particles are leading molecular dance ..
Join us this  in the photochemical sandbox where we play with a variety classical and alternative development techniques used in photography, printed circuit boards, light, lenses, microscopes, cameras, projectors, electromagnetic radiation and biomaterial trying to develop new, innovative ways of capturing a part of the soul in the material world..
Thursday 11.12. at 5: 30 PM
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14. September 2014. – Microorganisms – best friends @ Znanstveni piknik
Check out our spot – tent 14. @ Znanstveni piknik (science picnic) to see what innovations we are developing with our tiny microscopic friends. You can join us on a free workshop and make our hybrid microbial battery to take home.
Sunday 14. 09., @ Velesajam Zagreb
More info on: Piknik and our Facebook page
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21.-27. July 2014. Biotweaking @ LjTZ Split
We are happy to announce, that we are going to be mentors and conduct Biotweaking workshop series for teenagers.
Each day during this week, participants will learn different methods used in biotweaking; from DIY electronics and programing up to microbial work. After the completion, participants will gain all the necessary skills for safe and fun practice of this interesting branch of citizen science.
21.-27.07. @ MedILS Split
More info on LjTZ
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22. June 2014. – Organic Extraction for Beginners
This Sunday we are having an other free workshop – a crash course into practical organic chemistry.
No matter if you are a housewife into making natural cosmetics or  a citizen science enthusiast – as loong as you are into practicing organic chemistry, these are the basics that everybody should go trough, to learn basic methods and all about lab safety. Join us;
Sunday 22.06., @ UR Institute
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8. June 2014. – 9th Geeky Movie Night
We had to announce this movie night, even though our Geeky Movie Nights (open lab days) have become a regular events, because this time we are starting to show one of the best SF movie series ever – Star Trek (are we geeks or not 😀 ). So if you would like to join, don’t miss the first one  –  Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979).
Popcorn will be warm at:
Sunday 8.06., 7 PM @ UR Institute
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4. June 2014. – Hakkō breakfast
Check out another cool workshop in our healthy food series.
This time, our guest lecturer from Japan will teach you the art of Japanese  fermentation.
We will also go trough a variety of biohacking methods – from isolation of wild bacteria up to to making incubators..

Wednesday 4.06., 7 PM @ UR Institute
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1. June 2014 – Future of Reproduction
This Sunday we are hosting a special guest from Japan – Ai Hasegawa, a bioartist/designer who will present her
interesting BioArt projects related to the fields of reproduction.
Join us and see how an artist and designer can use cutting-edge scientific research methods to come up with interesting projects.
Afterwards, everybody is invited to stay on an open discussion about alternative to standard reproduction, and it’s ethical implications.
Sunday 1.06., 7 PM @ UR Institute
More info on Facebook: UR Institute Facebook
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18. May 2014. – Mechatronics of 3D printing / 3D printing in mechatronics
How to assemble a 3D printer? How dos it ticks? How to use it for designing, prototyping & manufacturing complex robotic systems?
Get answer to these question using hand-on approach on this free workshop,
under the leadership of our expert – creative, young innovator.
Sunday 18.05., 5 PM @ UR Institute
More info on Facebook: UR Institute Facebook



11. May 2014. – Molecular dynamics of DNA – Yesterday, today & tomorrow
This Sunday we are hosting an interesting workshop, where you will get to know DNA from a different angle.
If you have ever wondered is there more to DNA that we learn at school, this workshop is for you.
Join us, and learn from our guest lecturer, an expert geneticist from Singapore – Adeline Seah and our research staff how to manipulate DNA in different ways and use it novel areas such as nanotechnology and informatics.
Sunday 11.05., 6 PM @ UR Institute
More info on Facebook: UR Institute Facebook



07. May 2014 –  HackteriLab 2014 Yogyakarta debriefing
Join us at UR Institute, to see what have we been doing in Yogykarta.
We have been very busy there..doing ecologiocal research, conducting workshops and making new friends with whom we are planing lots of new collaborative projects.
Check it all out;
Wednesday 07.05., 7 PM @ UR Institute
More info on Facebook: UR Institute Facebook
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13-25. April 2014 – Hackteria Lab 2014 Yogyakarta
If you are in Indonesia, check out a great event, that we are happy to be a part of,
and join us on some cooll workshops that we have prepared for in 🙂
You can see info on the whole project on the link below;
13-25.04, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
More info on:  Hackteria


05. April 2014. – Open-source Medicine pt.2
This Saturday, we are continuing a series of open-source medicine workshops, with a topic Stomatology.
Join us to do self examination of your teeth and oral cavity using our endoscope camera. Learn more about your teeth (mechanical & chemical properties, decay prevention etc.)  and do some DIY “laser” teeth bleaching, if you like, afterwards at Peroxide party / 8th Geeky Movie Night
Saturday 5.06.  7 PM@ UR Institute
More info on Facebook: UR Institute Facebook
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29.March 2014 – Open-source Medicine pt.1
We are happy to announce, our first workshop in open-source medicine.
Join us on another free workshop, to learn how to do self examination (from checking pulse up to using and reading medical ultrasound), more about internal organs and how to stay healthy.
Saturday 29.03.,  5 PM @ UR Institute
More info on Facebook: UR Institute Facebook
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28. March 2014. – 7th Geeky Movie Night
This Friday we are organizing another regular geeky movie night,this time we are showing a must-see SF classic.
If you like SF movies, robots & weird electronic music, drop by;
Friday 28.03., 7 PM @ UR Institute
More info on Facebook: UR Institute Facebook
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23. March 2014. – Sous-vide cooking & DIY Bread making
Secound free workshop in healthy food series.
If you like cooking and eating good and healthy food, join us this
Wednesday 23.03., 4:30 PM @ UR Institute
More info on Facebook: UR Institute Facebook
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22.March 2014. – Science of Cheesemaking
We are hosting our first international workshops 🙂
Join us on this free workshop and check out how our collegues from BioTehna make great DIY cheese
Saturday 22.03., 4 PM @ UR Institute
More info on Facebook: UR Institute Facebook


12. March 2014. – Shiva’s Garden project briefing
We are happy to announce that we are starting a new ecological project – Shiva’s Garden.
Project consist of three subprojects – development of our own corn strain (suitable to grow in emerging/future farming conditions – in door urban farming),
testing the usage of our E.R.O.S. station for automatic hybrid indoor ecological farming,
and developing safest mutagenesis method.
Also, some of the project results will be used as a part of an art project / live installation – “Svršimo s Božijim Sudom pt.III”
Check it out;12.03., 4:30 PM @ UR institute
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1. March 2014. – 2nd Ecological research expedition
Join us on a field tip to Dotršćina forest, where you will be able to learn about forest ecology, and field ecological analysis. Bring plastic bags, jars etc. for collecting bio samples (soil, water, plants, bugs, fungi etc.)
1.03., 10:30 AM, Dubrava tram stop
More info on Meetup
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14. February 2014. – Valentine’s Day with E.R.O.S.
(Environmental Research and Observation Station), our new robotics project. Check out what we have been up to..and see how the geeks are celebrating Valentine’s Day
Friday 14.02., 7 PM @ UR Institute
More info on Facebook: UR Institute Facebook
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7.February 2014. – Public presentation of our new division – URobotics,
and our first biorobotics projects. Check it out, and join us at the afterparty – Geeky Movie Night
Friday 7.02., 8 PM @ UR Institute
More info on Facebook: UR Institute Facebook



20.  January 2014. – DIY Marine Forensics
continuing  Marine biotweaking series,with another cool & free workshop.
Monday 20.01., 7 PM @ UR Institute
More info on Facebook: UR Institute Facebook
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19.  January 2014. – Biotweaking Cephalopoda
Opening season with the first workshop in  Marine biotweaking series,
Sunday 19.01., 6 PM @ UR Institute
More info on Facebook: UR Institute Facebook



7.-9. November 2013. – UR Institute is doing Biotweaking Work_SHOP on Kiblix festival, @ Maribor
Visit us to check out our new kits and products, and experiment with us 😉
More info on Kiblix web page


5.-10. November  2013. @ SC gallery, Zagreb – presentation of our new robotics concept & platform C-001 designed by Gjino Šutić,
as a part of exhibition.
Drop by & check out the cool platform that we will continue to develop in UR Institute robotics lab..
and see some great exhibits produced by Radiona makerspace members..
More info on I’MM_ Media lab web page


10. October 2013. @ I’MM_ media lab – Presentation of our new project – Citizens biobank,
living biosamples repository, that will be run and used by citizens for life research..
More info on our Meetup page


Sunday, 29. September 2013. – Presentation of Solar Tree project @ HDLU, Zagreb
Presentation includes a short talk about techniques used for production of this project.
Solar tree will be on display in HDLU garden until the end of October.
More info on our Facebook page

Solar stablo mini


From 10-14 September 2013. – DIY solar cell from scratch – series of workshops
For more information visit our Meetup or Facebook pages
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This Saturday 31.08.2013, begins a new season of BIOsection activities.
We start with educational Ecological research expedition to Gromošćica forest,
to join us, see more infos on our Meetup or Facebook pages