Dubrovnik Postmodern (ENGLISH)

“Dubrovnik Postmodern” is a new project of UR Institute in which civil associations co-create a new media, postmodern, sustainable, cultural, and creative product together with youth. The duration of the project is 8 months and implementation starts in August 2021.

The project provides a number of activities such as creating a virtual gallery space, residency art program Black Clinic 3.0 “Clash of the worlds – virtual meets physical”, Winter School of Postmodern Science and Art, virtual postmodern exhibition program, and many other interesting workshops and round tables. The program involves participation and active creative engagement of young people in the virtual sphere, regardless of their health, social, financial and educational status. Project activities are designed to contribute to personal, social and professional development of youth and raise the level and quality of postmodern, new media cultural and artistic offer of Dubrovnik’s domestic and foreign audiences.

The project synthesizes the cultural needs of both young people and the City of Dubrovnik, which due to the predominant reliance on cultural heritage has narrowed the space for the development of new creative cultures and industries. It also encourages cultural associations to think about the digitization and virtualization of their spaces, materials, products and activities that will bring them closer to modern technologies, new generations of young people and popularize their work. Virtual space allows the breaking down of all barriers between youth and allows the most vulnerable to participate without prejudice and fear of rejection or neglect.

The project involves three partners – the Dubrovnik Youth Career Center, the Dubrovnik-Neretva County Association of Technical Culture, and the Kontejner / Bureau of Contemporary Art Practice from Zagreb, which will contribute to the success and sustainability of the project with its experience in cultural creation, project management and new technologies.

The project is cofunded under the call UP. Arts and Culture online grants in the total amount of 462,378.36 HRK, of which 393.021,61 HRK is co-financed from the European Social Fund, and 69.356,75 HRK from the State Budget of the Republic of Croatia.

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Dubrovnik Postmodern Exhibition Program NEWS:

WOMBS @ UR Institute 19-25.8.2021.

Opening of WOMBS @ UR Institute 19.8.2021.

The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund.
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