MeBUMZ (Microbial-membrane speaker, microphone, and a drum) is a BioArt piece, a unique biomechatronic device, with the main part made of microbial cellulose, grown in a bioreactor with a help of Gluconacetobacter xylinus bacteria and an experimental DIY growth medium. The medium and cultivation technique was designed by the author himself to produce fast material growth rate – production of the membrane which has properties similar to animal leather. The membrane was further chemically treated with substances that enhance its strength and surface tension. An electronic component was incorporated into the membrane to convert electrical impulses into sound and thous a biomechatronic audio device. It can be used as a speaker, microphone, and/or drum was made.

This technique enables the efficient and production of speakers/microphones/drums of the highest audio quality from renewable materials.

The idea of this art piece was selected and produced during Sound Art Incubator by Kontejner (Zagreb, Croatia) in 2013, and revealed in the final exhibition. Later it was shown on numerous exhibitions (including Technical museum Zagreb HR, Drugo more Rijeka HR, Kapelica Gallery Ljubljana SI), and the author has used it as a musical instrument (primarily played it as a drum or a microphone) during his time as a member of experimental electronic music band Messy Oscillators, and played it on all of the band performances in Croatia and abroad (2013-2015).