SOLAR TREE is a new media installation, that was selected and produced during MUU_ Museum of street art in 2013 (event in production by Centralna jedinica and the official – Croatian association of fine artists / HDLU ).

The installation was preceded by three workshops for the public on how to make Do It Yourself organic solar cells using ordinary window glass, cabbage extract, and toothpaste. These solar cells were used as main parts of installation – artificial leaves which collected energy from the sunlight, just as plants do. The energy was stored in rechargeable batteries in the «trunk» of the solar three and gave energy to the fruits of the tree which glowed during the night. The installation was installed in front of the Croatian Association of Fine Artists gallery / HDLU.

The idea of the workshops and the installation itself was to boost ecological awareness of the general public on the necessity of using and investing in research of renewable power sources.