Since most of public funding sources & foundations fund only consumable material costs, some expenditures can only be funded through donations & sponsorships.

All donations are made via humanitarian (charity) donation contract, and can be used for tax deduction by donors.
Donors get public acknowledgments & international marketing via marketed activities of UR Institute, if they don’t request staying anonymous.

If you would like to support our work by sponsoring & donations,  please contact us via email:



Currently we seek funding for listed items & activities:

formalabsEquipment items:

(used or new)

– Resin 3D printer

– Laser cutter

– Laminar flow hood (biosafety cabinet)

– IT equipment: servers (multicore Xeon) & terminals (laptops/workstations)

– Liquid nitrogen tanks

– Confocal microscopeconfocal2

– 2-10L research grade bioreactors

– High-throughput genetic sequencer

– LC-MS system (Liquid chromatograph-mass spectrometer)

*donations of other useful laboratory equipment is always welcome 

sciencebooksLibrary items:

– Expert literatureart-books

– Textbooks (primary school, high school & university level)

Sponsorship of:

– STEM & science+art educational programs for kids & youth (& involvment of the participants in international STEMS competitions)
(Such as our “Youth Science Club”, “Modern Prometheus”, “Bioelectronics Academy” & “Science Underground Academy” programs)

– Science+Art public events (Art exhibitions, Round tables, Conferences)
(Such as our “Mysterious Worlds of Science Underground” & “Black Clinic” programs)