Aqua_forensic is an new media science+art research and development project focused on researching modern invisible anthropogenic water pollutants and their impact on ecosystem.

Project aqua_forensic - it’s development phase – will have a strong backbone of the hands on research, that will combine art with high end science and citizen science approach to collect & process information on upstream of invisible anthropogenic pollutants. These invisible chemical pollutants (heavy metals,oils,pharmaceuticals,antibiotics etc.) – residues of human consumptions are discharged in most of our aquatic environments of fresh and salt waters.

Aqua_forensic will focus the research on specific localities in continental Europe- Donau river in Austria, Sava and Krka rivers in Croatia and  the coastal regions of Adriatic sea, to map, explore and correlate pollution in these localities.

The goal is to make visible many varieties of these invisible anthropogenic pollutants and the pattern of their effect in freshwater and  marine habitats. During the residency the authors (Robertina Šebjanič & Gjino Šutić)  will be developing a DIY prototype for a field friendly underwater drone & molecular probes for exploration.

The project will also encompass in vitro research of pollutants effect on living organisms.

Withing project aqua_forensic authors would like to raise awareness and find a way for reducing and/or upcycling these water pollutants.


Project was selected by Ars Electronica for 2018. EMARE Art Residancy in Linz, Austria and related EU co-funding.

The project is supported and co-funding by  Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.