Do we like to eat plastics? Maybe we do, but we are not aware of it… Sushi roulette is a science+art project dealing with the issue of microplastics pollution consisting of a do-it-yourself (DIY) citizen science workshop and co-creative interactive exhibition. It is made in co-authorship of Gjino Šutić and Kat Austen(UK) – both scientists and artists. The project was developed in 2015 during Piksel15 festival (by Piksel Produktijon) sister event – open lab research „Pikslo_Deep_Diving / Underwater interception of the nordic sea)“ done in collaboration with Robertina Šebjanič (SI) & Slavko Glamočanin(SI).

While Robertina Šebjanič and Slavko Glamočanin focused on exploring underwater noise pollution with the citizens, Kat Austen and Gjino Šutić focused on exploring edible algae for the presence of another invisible pollutant – microplastics using DIY kitchen chemistry. The project was further developed by Austen and Šutić into the Sushi roulette concept, where they with the citizens (participants) used perfected protocols to analyze fish for the presence of microplastics in local fish.

Using household chemicals and DIY protocols devised by Kat and Gjino, fish can be analyzed for microplastic presence in anybody’s kitchen. Through an interactive exhibition, the authors invite citizens to participate in the risk-taking of eating sushi.

Sushi roulette was conducted in UiB Bergen University (NO) during the international S.NET conference in October 2016 in collaboration with Piksel Produktijon, UiB, and KHIB Bergen.
The next iteration of the project was conducted in Kunsthalle Rostock during the Experiment Zukunft exhibition (April 2019) curated by dr. Susanne Jaschko.