THE GUN (allegory to Javanese word for coconut – Degan) was a science+art ethnobotanical research conducted by Gjino Šutid (HR) in collaboration with Adeline Seah (SG), Malthe Borch (FI), Ferial Affif (ID), and members of the Greentech organization. The research was conducted during Hackteria Lab 2014 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

During camping Wonosadi rainforest, the authors were fascinated by local flora and got acquainted with problems that the rainforest faces. To help to boost awareness of the ecological problem of the disappearance of this rainforest (and forests in general on the global scale) the authors decided to conduct research and exhibit the results as an installation on Hlab14 exhibition in Langgen Art Foundation.

The research incorporated botanical research and collection of folk tales on local medical plants, knowledge being almost forgotten (a fine example is the discovery of one plant which is named just in the Bible). Tales, databases, and samples were exhibited as artifacts to boost awareness in public.